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Front photos and logo formats




  • Xandao Insite

    It work nice for smartphone, but when people open it by tablet, the image repeats lot off times.

  • Support

    We developing more and better tablets supports and will update you when live. As the system is primary made for Smart Phones today, still works on tablets/but not perfect. Thanks for using our service! 


    Kind regards, RC

  • Sheldon Hampton

    Another option that you can try is making a background of the app 1024 x 1024. Using an image of this size an iphone will only using the top left hand corner on the image and the ipad will use the full screen. no matter what orientation of the phone / tablet you will see no tiling effect. 

    For all of the apps that I am building at the moment I have started using the 1024 x 1024 backgrounds as it looks really professional on any device the customer / client chooses to use.

    If you would like to see an example of this go to: using your mobile browser on a phone and then check it on a tablet. You will see  that no matter which way you turn your device the image will not tile.

    I hope this has helped out the next person that views this post :)

    (I know I am a little late in replying I have only just started using the Appsmakerstore platform for building HTML5 apps)

  • Nanqi Leo

    Thanks for the input. That really helped when I am working on the ipad. I was doing the same for web-based site development. e.g 1280x800 (bkgnd) to fill out unused free space.


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