How to publish your App on Facebook Fan Page




  • Makensy Murillo

    The title of this page is "How to publish your App to Facebook Fan Page", however, when I finished following all the instructions, the final result was a RC that links to apps maker store app and not my own app. I had already signed for premium and my app is not on my facebook, instead once again is the "apps store maker app", and based on the title "How to publish your App to Facebook Fan Page" it did not do that instead it did what the step #3 confirms, 3. Add the Appsmakerstore App to your Facebook profile (only admins of the Facebook Fanpage you would like to have it on).

    Isn't the title and the step 3 contradicting each other?

    Am I mistaking and missed something, or is it the title that is misleading? see it for yourself at and you will not see my app!

  • Marina

    Please look this video. It should help you to create Facebook Fan Page.

  • Marina

    Here is link to the video:

  • Luciano H. Maldonado

    I have problems in this point "The admin of that Facebook Fanpage needs to go to click "Add to my page" at left column."

    The link open appsmakerstore app on facebook but I'm not found the left column and the add to my page option. Help me Pleaseeeeeee!!! 

  • Helleik

    Hi, how do I change the Image for the app on the FB page?

  • Sheldon Hampton


    I seem to be having an issue getting my App to display from my own White Label of Appsmakerstore.

    I am trying to sort out my page URL for the facebook app so that people using my website will still have the ability to use the facebook app solution. I believe all i need is the URL of where the app sits in the Appsmakerstore system. If there is another White Label reading this and you are able to post your apps to facebook please let me know here or emailing at

    Many Thanks,

  • Sheldon Hampton


    Thanks to Marina I managed to get this issue resolved quickly. 

    Thank you so much Marina! 


  • Nanqi Leo

    Thank you Marina. The online learning video is very helpful. A video is worth a thousand words.

  • Fabricio Gimenez

    I need your help. I performed all the steps to add my app to my fan page.
    But when income from facebook only see blank screen.
    What am I doing wrong. Thank you.

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