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How to publish your app - Paid Plan

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  • Lars Kay

    I have registered the above information and pressed save. And I do have a developers account with Apple i've even typed in the username and password in the publish page of your site. Its been over a month now and it still hasn'nt shown up in AppStore.

  • Lars Kay

    We also have a premium plan.

  • jay aubrey

    i don't get it i have made my app and submitted it with all apps windows,blackberry, ect ect now 

    were do i go from there it says profile updated successfully after submitting to windows blackberry and all 

    but i have no email saying its on there stores? plz help

  • Sheldon Hampton

    Hi Jay, 

    I came to this forum with the same question. I have created an app and I only have a google Play Developer account for now. I wanted to know what it looks like on the google store before I get all of the accounts sorted. I have input all of my information into publish section and I have created the splash screens to upload as well. However, This is where I get stuck haha. I click the save button and it tells me that the information was saved. 

    That was over a week ago. I still isnt on the app store yet :( 

    If you get an answer before I do could you please let me know but posting here? 


  • fernando dominguez

    Jay, Lars and Sheldon do you have any answer to your problem?


    hope so but I want to know cause Im just pressed the save button


    good day


  • Luis Miguel Serrano

    Any answer....I also send this information and click on Save button, but I haven´t received any email.

  • Support


    We can see that you have reported this in tickets/21993 where our team will respons shortly. 



  • Alberto Vieyra

    I have the same problem here. I put my apple developer account information on control panel but i don't see my app on AppStore. Same with my Play developer account.


    Help please

  • Anastasia Yakovina

    Hello Alberto Vieyra,

    Let's discuss this question here 

  • eyespyradio

    I have the same question. Did anyone get any answers?


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