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Likes on Facebook Fan Pages and why Facebook Groups are not supported



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    Groups don’t allow other tabs/applications. This means you couldn’t run a competition, or have a contact page, welcome page or anything like that.

    Essentially, Groups are more like a private club or networking group. Pages are meant to be promoting a certain product/service/brand/celebrity.

    Here’s a table I drew up that displays some of the differences:

      Page Group
    Purpose Represent particular person or brand Collaborative environment for group of people
    Restrictions Public or admin-only Public, closed (visible but must request to be added) or secret (cannot be found by search or any other means)
    Add people No (can suggest page) Yes – only those who are Facebook friends of Group members
    Facebook Notifications for fans/members Only if someone comments on/likes the post you have made or commented on. Default: FB notifications (and potentially email) for all new wall posts (by anyone) – can be changed.
    Posting restriction Posting can be restricted to Page admins only or open to everyone Posting can be restricted to Group admins only or open to everyone
    Wall Yes Yes
    Post images Yes Yes
    Comment/Liking ability Yes Yes
    Create events Yes Yes
    Applications/tabs Yes No
    Posts fed to newsfeed Yes No
    Polls Yes Yes
    Create shared docs No Yes
    Group/Page email address No Yes – this means the group members have access to a group email address that when used sends content directly to the Group wall.
    Chat No Yes – through chat bar
    View other fans/members No Yes
    Advertising Yes Yes – unless closed group
    Vanity URL Yes – you can choose No – though it is a logical URL determined by Group name. Eg. although sometimes it may have a string of numbers at the end.
    Indexed by search engines Yes Yes – but not if secret
    Notes Anyone can search, find and join a Page unless it is set to admin-only. Admins have the ability to delete/ban people. Anyone who is a member can add another member. This can lead to groups getting out of control. However admins are able to delete/ban people from the group.

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