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Google Cloud Printer Integration Epson TM M-30 with the Take Away / shopping gadget


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    Debug if the printer still don't work:

    1) Can you find the printer locally on your MAC or PC? 

    If not you need to start here and ensure that you have the printer installed (screen over show from using a MAC). 

    2) Next step as you need to see the printer here Try making a couple of prints from to the printer. Ensure that you make Google search up the printer. 
    2.1) Go back to and press settings under the #Take Away. Can you see the printer from the drop down? If so, select, save and save changes. 
    3) If not revoke the access and add it again here 
    4) Still nothing? Ensure you have the latest updates on your MAC / PC, restart the computer and try again. Then do step 2.1 again. 
    5) Still nothing, contact and we will help you. 




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