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RC Aug 3 FAQ App owners and users

We’re copying all of the threads from the old forum to save and edit the text for a new archives section. We need some volunteers to copy the old threads into word documents, add more photos and videos. 

A great way to get work experience and learn more about our system. We will also naturally support you with directly contact with our project manager and give your training. 

RC January 19, 2014 FAQ App owners and users

Under you will find some good tips before you start building your App. Remember on the Kick starter plan we will do this for you, still try your self first by reading this tips and let us know if any help is needed. 


a) What is/are the main commercial aim(s) of the app? If you are a business, you need an app that is either a standalone product you can sell, a platform to promote your existing products or a way to generate mobile advertising revenue. So let's face it. If you building an business App more or less no one will pay for downloading information on how to buy your products! So in most cases you should keep your App free to download if made with our platform. 


b) How will different users experience my app? Where are your users, are they male or female, what is their age and what devices are they most likely to have? Based on the answers to these questions you may decide to create multilingual interfaces, different versions for iOS/ Android/mobile web, integrate with certain “niche” social networks like Facebook or Twitter or wait until a critical mass is using your app and only charge a fee to the late adopters.  Remember that the Appsmakerstore platform is cross platform giving your App different views on the different devices as iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Andorid and Blackberry. This is unique and give you huge savings for building your App without discriminating your users device choices.  


c) How does my main website compare in look, feel and functionality to my app(s)? When it comes to the so-called native apps for iOS and Android, users still expect something much better than their current website. However, many companies and organizations are asking us to provide “HTLM5” by which they mean a mobile friendly website that appears only when a smartphone or tab browser is detected. Remember that this also can be saved as App to your users dashboard on most phones like the iPhone where banner comes up the first time. Where also the address field will disappear when open again for the second time giving a full native App experience. 


d) How big (literally) will my app be? Apps unlike websites don’t have the stringent size restrictions and you are able to pack in more high resolution images and functionality then you may consider using on your traditional website. Given that the app is downloaded ahead of time and resides on your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about large data being passed through the internet compare to pure HLTM5. Apps that accumulate stored data with each session can sometimes eat up a lot of storage so you do want to be kind and not bog down your users phones. 


e) How long do I want my app to remain relevant? If your time if limited make sure to make it as much relevant also for the future, but always update it minimum 1-2 times per years. As trends with designs and gadgets changes fast.  


You need to ask your self. Why should my users download my App? If you don't know the answer to that, make sure to get it. We are here to help you on that, if you can manage your self good luck! and we hope that our platform can help you on that! If not remember that you always can get quote on custom build out options!  

RC January 8, 2014 2 FAQ App owners and users

The competition is fierce, so you must aggressively promote your App if you want a fighting chance of success. Making a Business App is much more complex than an App for consumers; it's a business tool that helps get your message out to a large marketplace.
OK, so what's the best way to promote your App? There is no “one-way-suits-all" approach, but the steps below have been designed to give you the best possible start. Remember, there is no point having an App if no one knows about it and you don't have a plan behind it.

Our top tips to help you market your App:

  1. Have a clear goal of what the App should do for your business and build it to deliver this aim. 
  2. Alongside product reviews, there are lots of tools available for gathering ‘service’ reviews. These are behind the review stars you often see on Google listings. If you are selling goods make sure to have the Feedback gadget in your App. 
  3. Show non tech people such as friends and family: do they they like your App? Can they use it easily? Gather their ideas and make the changes to your App before you publish it.  
  4. Set up a Sub domain redirecting to your Appsmakerstore address. Ex app.yourdomain.com that is getting forwarded to appsmakerstore.com/<youraddress>. This will make it very easy for your staff and customers to remember your HTLM5 App link that can be opened from all devices. 
  5. Is your name catchy like “Take Away Pizza”? If not, consider renaming your App so it can be found more easily in Google searches and in the App store.
  6. Motivate your App users to use your App with gadgets like the Loyalty Stamp gadget. Example: give your customers that use the App a stamp so they can get a free coffee after 5 visits. 
  7. Include and promote content in your App that cannot be found anywhere else. Your App must have a unique feature that will appeal to customers.
  8. Design is very important. Make sure that you are using our latest design templates with beautiful iOS7, Windows8 and iPad versions. 
  9. When you are using the web-link the style will automatically change in the users device depending on the device he or she is using. Make sure that you test it out yourself before you start promoting it. 
  10. If you find it hard to build it, we will charge you a small fee and give you a good start and help create your App! 
  11. Add the Mobile redirect script to your Website so that all your Mobile users visiting your website can easily download your App. This is very important and will drive your current customers to your App. You can also add banners to your website via services like screenpopper.com.
  12. Add "Buy now" to your Facebook fanpage: Sync your App with your Facebook Fanpage. Funny videos and photos is one thing, but with the help of our shopping gadget added to your App, you can easily sync with your Facebook Fanpage so your users can buy products or services from your App. Facebook have opened up ‘lookalike audiences’ – allowing you to upload a list of the email addresses of your best customers, so that they may find similar people within Facebook, where you then pay a cost per click amount to display ads to them. Read more about Facebook ‘Lookalike’ audiences: https://www.facebook.com/help/164749007013531
  13. Offer a free download to newspaper columnists or influential bloggers, technical and non-technical alike.
  14. Send out a well-written press release to the media announcing your new App and its special, unique features and benefits.
  15. Make sure you add the "Share" gadget to your App.
  16. Google recently announced an ‘inbox’ tool for reviews, allowing companies to respond, along with an analytic tool to understand the data a little better: http://googleandyourbusiness.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/announcing-reviews-in-google-places-for.html
  17. Inform all your customers with a newsletter with download banners.
  18. Do not overlook online press release distribution. It's a great way to access trade pubs, blogs, and consumer magazines like http://www.massmediadistribution.com.
  19. Get a launch partner, supplier or client and co-promote. Hook up with a company that could benefit from being associated with your App.
  20. Create a demonstration video and place it on your own YouTube channel. One good site for this is http://goanimate.com/ that makes short videos with voice and animations at a low cost.
  21. Distribute the demo video online using free services like TubeMogul.
  22. Create a tune or license one to play along with your YouTube video.
  23. Host an App Launch Party for friends, family and prospects. Make sure the cake has your logo on it. Order custom imprinted balloons displaying your App's icon.
  24. Get friends and relatives who are well-versed on your App to create a buzz by posting on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  25. Set up a Facebook Fan page to showcase your App. It's free and easy and your fan page can be found in search engines. When someone joins your Fan page it's published in the news feeds for friends to read. It's a wonderful viral marketing tool! Check out http://www.shortstackapp.com/ for easily creating and styling your Facebook Fan page.
  26. Create wallpaper with rows of your App's icon and use it on your profile pages in Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
  27. Within your App, create Twitter and Facebook update features so users can easily post comments on their social network about how great your App is. Suggest a few pre-canned messages and include a small URL that links to your App in the App store.
  28. Participate in Q&A forums online, such as Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers.
  29. Get listed in free online directories such as DMOZ, Craiglist or other local services. 
  30. Create your own blog using a service such as WordPress and post an announcement about your new App or about a feature update to your App. You can buy templates for this at a low cost by using services like http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress. For publishing the Wordpress, use developers that can be found from 50-$300 by using Elance.com.
  31. Get reviews of your App from relevant industry sites representing your business.
  32. Conduct a PPC key word campaign on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  33. Using the Google Adwords keyword tool, come up with a list of keywords most relevant to your target audience and use those keywords in your promotional materials, on your website, in YouTube tags and in your articles about the App. Make sure to target local and per device linking back to the App if it is published as native in the one of the native stores. For example, your iTunes App should only target Apple devices.
  34. Use QR mobile bar coding in your ads, packaging and other customer touch points. If your customer is a retailer, a restaurant or takeaway, help them to add information about what the App does and how to download it onto their promotional materials (like adverts, posters and menus). You will find the QR code creator under your publish settings or generate a new one using the native stores link which you will get when the App is published there.
  35. Conduct a highly-targeted email campaign to prospects but keep it CAN-SPAM compliant to avoid fines or criminal penalties. A good service for this is by using Mailchimp.com.
  36. Create a targeted opt-in text messaging campaign using push and SMS via the "Appsmakerstore Order Manager"  that you can download from any of the native stores.
  37. Add a description of your App below your email signature line so it will go out with all your emails. That signature line should include a URL link directly to your App. Make sure all your staff do the same.
  38. Make sure to have your App on the marketplaces such as iTunes and Google Play. You never know what kind of device your best customer is using!
  39. Word of Mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Use PR to fuel a highly-successful word of mouth campaign.
  40. Change your voice mail recorded message on land phones and cell phones to include a mention of your new App.
  41. Add new features to your App over time. Feature upgrades to provide new PR opportunities.
  42. Add your location and more information for free to Google Maps.
  43. Create a website and use the URL in all promotional materials.
  44. Collect user reviews and feedback and post them on your website on the home page, not just a testimonial page. Adjust your App according to this feedback or ask us for help. We have lots of experience and are always happy to help you improve your App!
  45. Collect as many celebrity endorsements as you can, place on your website and use in promotional materials. Would a Hollywood star using your App help to sell it?
  46. Promote your App on your own business materials, such as receipts, shipping flyer insertions, envelopes, shipping containers, etc.
  47. Include promotion of your App in any direct mail you are sending to customers or prospects. Consider a limited but highly targeted direct mail campaign for your App.
  48. Follow the lead of the big time retailers and conduct door buster sales for a limited period, i.e. drop your price on specific products for a period, and make it ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE APP!
  49. Pursue collaboration opportunities with authors, public speakers, and people of influence.
  50. Until recently, Twitter’s minimum UK advertising package was £5,000. In November, they removed that cap, and opened it up to small businesses. As a result, if you’re a Twitter user, you may have seen more ads from friendly, smaller UK businesses rather than just the big advertisers. And, as many big advertisers have seen success here, removing the £5,000 per month minimum spend rule opens up a great opportunity for small UK businesses to reach new customers. Read more about Twitter Ads for Small business https://blog.twitter.com/2013/twitter-advertising-now-available-for-smbs-in-uk-ireland-canada also check out this Twitter webinar on how to do it  http://www.eiseverywhere.com/emarketing/go.php?i=105994&e=bWFpb... 
  51. Create a monthly newsletter sent in an email blast and prominently mention your App and its benefits in each issue.
  52. Change your email auto-response to include a mention of your new App.
  53. On LinkedIn, join groups that meet your target audience criteria and within these groups post links to your press release or blog posting. Talk about the benefits and ease of use of your App, positive reviews and how to download it. Be sure to post your website URL in the “Websites” section.
  54. Embed a PowerPoint App presentation within your Linked-In profile using the Applications feature. Use a service like http://www.slideshare.net/
  55. Create promotional items such as mugs or T-shirts to promote your App. Use this method only if you have a strong icon and logo.
  56. Appear at trade shows. Design a roll-up banner promoting your App.
  57. Submit your press release, App article or video to Digg.com. It will immediately appear in “Upcoming Stories” for others to find.
  58. Create a contest related to your App on new ideas for your local school.
  59. Send a letter to Editors about how your App helped someone or could help a community group.
  60. Use press releases and online distributions to announce an anniversary of your company.
  61. Host a training workshop for App developers and target customers make sure your App is used prominently in demonstrations.
  62. Make sure to add push notification to your App where you can send free push messages to your users that have downloaded the App via one of the native stores. This is great to advertise updates and exclusive promotions available on your App.
  63. Don't use too many gadgets and keep it light if it is only available as a Web App (HTLM5).
  64. Make sure to have your content up to date. You can also do this by using RSS from your Website that will automatically update your App using the RSS gadget.
  65. Build an easy to navigate structure in your App by using the Sub Functions (gadget under gadget)
  66. Missing functions or gadgets? Make sure to get a quote by contacting our support team. They will then speak to our experienced Development Team who will be able to help build the perfect solution for you.

  67. Make sure your App serves a meaning and keep it relevant.
  68. Click here to see how to create your App http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HHrYfC_1Yo&feature=c4-overview&...
  69. Click here to see how to publish your App http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lILb-I1k63s&feature=c4-overview&...
  70. Click here to see how to maintain your App http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EYDUP6MVpE&feature=c4-overview&... 

In summary: 2014 will be a big year for Mobile App E-commerce, and there are plenty of ways and technology at Appsmakerstore that will help you grow online this year. Whether you choose to capitalize on the changes to social advertising, improve your delivery proposition, increase customer loyalty, personalize your App or your marketing for your customers, enhance the way you use data, make the most of the big sporting events, or to simply enjoy the year running your business, we look forward to helping you make this year a huge success!

Please contact us if you want any more information or to speak about our services at Appsmakerstore. We will always be 'Appy to talk to you!


RC and RJ :)

RC February 13, 2013 3 FAQ App owners and users

Below you will find 7 ways of contacting Appsmakerstore if you are having questions. Please be aware that we don't provide support to free users, and that we have limited time for calls. Therefore, please write to us, as we normally always give feedback within 24 hours.  
Alternative 1: Chat on Appsmakerstore.com 
Alternative 3: Email support@appsmakerstore.com
Alternative 4: Phone +1 (206) 866-5566 or +44 (0) 20 3286 0166
Alternative 5: Twitter @Appsmakerstore 
Alternative 6: Facebook.com/appsmakerstore (message button).
Alternative 7: Your Franchise partner or Appsmakerstore KAM directly. For more information please see http://appsmakerstore.com/about
Thanks for using our service!

Jay Rivera September 17, 2012 9 FAQ App owners and users


For us to upload your app to an App Store, make sure you have Paid Plan. Please, check our price list for more details:

After upgrading to paid plan, you need to have a developer account for the App Store where you want your app to be uploaded. We support iTunes and Android App Stores. Once you have a developer account, enter your developer account username and password in your PUBLISH SETTINGS tabs and a request ticket will be forwarded to our system automatically. After this we will upload your app to your desired App Store. Appsmakerstore support staff will notify you via email once the app has  been uploaded to the chosen App Store.

Normally your App will be live within 3-20 days depending on the App store/marketplace. When published all the changes that you later do from our system will be live after only 30 seconds. 



- App Stores have a registration fee.

- If your app is a paid app, please email us regarding the price of your app, so we can set it before publishing the app.